Children's Books

Imagination takes Jackson on an adventure of friendship and sharing with his friend, Armstrong.  As happens in life, changes over the years cause a disruption in their friendship.  Jackson, with the help of his Grandma Anna's treasures, hatches a plan to remain close forever.  Order now.
Jackson - then and now.
Have you ever looked at your baseball mitt and thought it looked like a bird's nest? Yosef, a very lucky boy, lives close to a park with a baseball field. He and his friends play nearly every day in this park, and never once had he ever thought of his glove as a comfy nest! But Yosef meets several new friends that think otherwise. His new friends ask for his help along his way to the baseball field. Yosef agrees to help, their short journey proving that kindness builds friendships. Whether you make room in your baseball mitt or room in your heart, being kind and helpful to others builds smiles and respect.  Order now.
Yosef - then and now.
This book tells of a young girl spending time each day dressing up to pretend she is a different grown up person each day of the week. It's purpose is to encourage imaginative play and to recognize that little girls can have goals and dreams at a very early age.  Order now.
Ryann - then and now.