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Little Ryann Wiggletoes

I bought this book for my son and a friend's daughter and they both love it! It teaches children about the imagination and how important it is. Right away my son wanted to dress up and play, "pretend!" This book teaches children they can be anything they want, but in the end they are loved by their parents! A good book to read over and over again!  Megan Sova Tower

Whispers of Greatness
We will always cherish Whispers of Greatness. It is our first and only coloring book about President Barack Obama. We loved coloring the pages, but most of all we enjoyed reading the story of how President Obama worked really hard at school and work to get where he is today. We love reading this book to our five year old cousin. Since we colored the pages, we quiz our cousin on his colors and facts about our president. Ms. Chris Offenburger Walsh, thank you for creating an awesome coloring book. Kailysia (9) and Kaila (11) Beckwith

My great nephew loved this book. He is 4 years old and memorized most of the words in this book. Great for young readers to learn about the first African-American President.  Dr. Renee Stewart
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